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The University of Trineforce believes in confidence-building via rewards and recognition. This not only boosts the confidence but enhances the sense of responsibility within the institute.

Recognition can likewise be personalized inside your department to recognize different contributions by people or teams. It is very important to acknowledge the hard work of individuals in a team.

At the University of Trineforce, our representatives are our richest asset. Regardless of whether one is working in an academic department or administration, it is important to respect all.

Individually, your passion, professionalism, and commitment to our mission are vital to get reward and recognition. As teammates and associates, your joint effort, responsibilities, and associations with others are what make you eligible for appreciation. We value community building and have planned many events that reflect this commitment. Employee rewards and recognition can be generated by peers, faculty, or by other university members. Acknowledging the Commitment and Excellence Award perceives the staff who go "an extra mile" in various ways to bring success to their organization is highly imperative.

The University of Trineforce respects the opinion of senior leaders and managers to reward employees who lend a helping hand to those around them, who go above and beyond, and who make the University of Trineforce an even better place to work.

The University of Trineforce recognizes the staff who demonstrate a commitment to the institute and its mission, and possess the qualities of dedication, competence, positive attitude, initiative, and ability to mentor, encourage, and inspire others.

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